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Welcome to our Internet Speed Test platform. Here you can test your internet speed by just pressing the start button. No need to download or install any plugin. Just browse our url and press the start button for speed test whether it is a broadband, lease line, DSL, WiFi, WiMax, VSAT, Mobile Network (GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EDGE, EVdo, LTE). You will get your internet download speed along with upload speed and many other important information like Ping, Jitter, Public IP Address, ISP details etc. The most important thing is you can share your Internet Speed Test report to any one with a single click at any time. All these service is available 24*7 at free of cost by Netspeed.

Speed Test

Speed Test Parameters

In this speed test you will get the ping and jitter time in "ms" which stands for Milli Second. You will get your ping and jitter report in Milli Second. Other two measurements are download and upload speed. Both download and upload speed will be calculated in Mbps. Here Mbps stands for Megabit per second. Another thing is don't confuse in Megabyte per second and Megabit per second. Because 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. So take care of this. By starting the speed test process you can see your Public IP and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) details all in one click.

speed test

Pros of Internet Speed Test

In real world people using different types of network to get connected with Internet. Whether it is mobile network behind a NAT or broadband or VSAT connection, when you buy an internet plan from your ISP in any country they have different plans at different price. According to your internet plan you will get an internet route to your device. Which completely depends upon your internet price tag, as price goes up you will get a better route to internet.

A good internet route brings a very good internet speed. But problem starts here, when you bought a plan for 265 Mbps you can't download at 256 Mbps not even at 200 Mbps. Because that is your highest rated connection speed to internet. Your download and upload speed is completely different from this speed. If you are thinking to check you download speed by downloading some stuff from internet then that's wrong idea. Because download speed of one file from any website or web server differs to another. You can check complete details on this topic in our blog. So you need a good dedicated website or application to test your download and upload speed like this website or you can Google it.

speed test

What do we measure?

This is NetSpeed.live's Internet Speed Test Tool offers different types of measurement on your Internet Speed. NetSpeed helps you to check your actual internet speed provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is the fastest and most convenient way of Internet Speed Test for WiFi, Ethernet and Fiber Optic on PC or Mobile devices at anywhere anytime. No problem where you are, just connect to internet, open your browser and navigate to NetSpeed.Live. Get your each and every statistics related to Internet Speed Test within Seconds.

What is Internet Speed Test?

Internet Speed Test checks your internet connection's maximum download speed and upload speed with some other important metrics including ping and jitter timing.

speed test

Download Speed

Download Speed is how fast does your internet connection receive data packets from web servers. For example downloading large files, streaming HD/ 4K videos require high download speed. The download speed of your internet connection decreases dramatically when more than one device connected to the same internet connection and using concurrent Internet connections for large file download and online video streaming.

Upload Speed

Want to upload files or folders to Google Drive or any other cloud storage service then you will need a good upload speed if the size is larger than usual. Actually your download speed is not equal to upload speed by default. It is completely depend upon the Internet Service Provider (ISP). So you can check that here without scratching your head with a single click.


Higher jitter score is the sign of inconsistent and poor internet connection. It shows the response timing for your internet connection.


Ping is the reaction time of how quickly you receive a response after making a request to server. It is measured in milliseconds and the lower the ping value better your internet connection performance during online activities like online gaming and streaming etc.

Netspeed Test

Commonly internet speed test is also known as netspeed or netspeed test. An online netspeed shows your accurate download speed and upload speed with some more important metrics. This netspeed test helps you to know the bandwidth of your internet connection. By this netspeed test you can check your internet bandwidth in pc, mobile, tablet, smart tv and all devices capable to run a browser.

Test internet bandwidth in PC

Test your Internet bandwidth in pc or desktop here. Whatever operating system you are using no matter test it right here. NetSpeed.Live is capable to test the netspeed in any operating system like Windows, Mac, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch linux, Manjaro linux, Slackware, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Gentoo, Elive, Puppy linux, Steam OS, Android x86 and lot more.

NetSpeed test in PS4 and Xbox like gaming console

Now its very easy to test your netspeed in gaming consoles. Open your inbuilt browser inside gaming console and open NetSpeed.Live to test your Internet speed without any dependencies.

Speed Test in Android and iOS Phones

Android and iOS users can use Netspeed speed test online tool to test internet speed. There is no need to worry about the software version of android or iOS. It's working fine without any bug on the latest software versions and it is backward compatible. So now you can test internet speed on your favourite chrome browser or safari.

NetSpeed test in Java feature phones

Old java and Symbian phone users can check their internet speed on NetSpeed.Live. They don't need to install any java application for netspeed test. Just bookmark NetSpeed.Live in your default browser or Opera browser. NetSpeed.Lve shows the most accurate internet speed in any old model phones. Because NetSpeed.Live doesn't depend on your device's operating system. This makes NetSpeed.Live speed test cross platform and most powerful tool in its category.

Speed Test in Older Versions of Windows

We provide our best service in NetSpeed.Live to test internet speed in any old operating system for hobbyist and techie guys. It helps them to test their internet speed on their old windows system. We support almost all older version of windows like windows XP, windows 98, windows NT etc. Internet explorer is the default browser in windows operating system. So we support all versions of internet explorer and you don't need to install any extra plugin.

Internet Speed drop unexpectedly

There are many factors which affects the performance of Internet speed. But when your internet speed drops unexpectedly you can follow these tips to achieve the rated speed by your ISP.

Most of the Internet users are using smartphone to access internet. Now-a-days 4G LTE offers the fastest speed on mobile devices. But some people facing issues in 4G network. As they are not getting the actual speed of 4G LTE connection provided by ISP. Actually this is not a problem neither in your device nor on the network. It happens due to the different operating bands on which 4G LTE depends. When you move far from the Mobile Tower/ BTS your signal gets weaker. To maintain a good connection with your mobile device, it automatically picks the higher frequency bands. Which makes the result slow internet even on 4G network.

Another big reason of slow internet connection over wireless interface is interference and physical obstacles like big concrete buildings, wire grids, metal fence etc. These obstacles are not everywhere but it causes slow down the internet speed.

Another great reason of slow internet on a network like WiFi or LAN is multiple users performing multiple tasks over internet like downloading and streaming. So keep in mind that how much concurrent connection your router can handle without affecting the internet speed. It all depends upon your network hardware like Switch, Router and Internet Connection type whether it is broadband ethernet or fiber optic connection.

If any of the above given tips doesn't work to boost your Internet Speed then contact your ISP.

Metrics used in this measurement are millisecond and Megabits per Second. These metrics are used to calculate the Ping timing to download and upload speed. These measurements are very much important for professional users across globe.

How much Internet Speed required to perform certain tasks?

For normal browsing, email, social media, chat, VoIP calls, 1 Mbps connection is enough. You can perform all those tasks very smoothly with this Internet speed.

With an Internet connection of 5-12 Mbps you can perform some high resolution videos which belongs to HD, FHD, UHD additionally over the lower bandwidth internet connection.

With an internet connection of 10-25 Mbps one can able to download and upload large files over WAN within few minutes. This type of internet connection is suitable for 4K and 360 video streaming. Also it will help in case the complete backup of personal computer to cloud storage.

Internet connection providing download and upload speed more than 25 Mbps is little more expensive than those normal internet connections. These type of connection normally used for mid range servers and any other professional online services which require high speed internet connection. With this Internet speed you can enjoy high resolution streaming on any platform without buffering.

Internet Speed of 1 Gbps also used in data centers. You can experience that speed if you have access to that hardware by physically or virtually. These type of internet connections mostly used for web servers in regional data centers.


Which information can I get after this speed test?

You will get your ping timing, jitter timing, download speed, upload speed, ISP information, public ip address etc. Also you can share all these information in a single click to social media or anyone.

Is it show exact download speed?

Yes. Absolutely this is your exact download speed. But it differs while you download files from any website or web server. It completely depends upon latency and processing power of the server from which you are downloading. So it differs sometime.

Is there any limit to use this service?

No not at all, you can use our speed test service at any time without any cost. You can use it as many time you want. There is no restriction.

Is there any privacy risk by using speed test?

No. You can read our privacy policy page. We are not storing any confidential data of our users. Because we are not asking for any personal information.

Does this speed test works on any network?

Yes, you can test your download speed and upload speed in any network by using this website. Now it's possible to test your internet speed on any device(Phone, Laptop, Server, PS4, Smart tv, Smart Watch, Smart Phone etc).

Is there any country restriction for this speed test?

No. Users from any country can test their internet speed here.

Can I test my VPN download speed using this speed test?

Yes. You can check your download and upload speed of any VPN using this speed test.

How to check internet bandwidth in PC?

One of the easiest way to check the internet bandwidth in desktop or laptop is to navigate to NetSpeed.Live and press the start button. Wait at least 30 seconds for the detailed output of bandwidth test.


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