Airtel speed test

Speed Test for Airtel

Here you can access the most accurate Airtel Speed Test on internet. All Airtel users across globe can test their internet speed here. Airtel users can get their Public IP address, ping timing, jitter timing, download speed and upload speed in a single click.

Airtel Speed Test 4G

This Airtel Speed Test is very accurate for 4G users. Also it shows the most accurate internet speed in 2G and 3G network. The highest achievable download speed in Airtel 4G network is 21 Mbps. But it differs due to different factors. Download speed and upload speed fluctuates due to computational power of remote server you are interacting and the different bands within 4G network.

airtel speed test

Advantages of Airtel Speed Test

By using this Airtel Speed Test you can visualise your actual internet speed provided by Airtel. Airtel is very well known for its speed in India. Airtel is the fastest mobile network in India. To get the proof you can check speed test results here.

Airtel Speed Test 3G

Airtel 3G is also offers a very fast internet in India. Airtel 3G is still very useful in day to day life. Airtel 3G is so fast that you can watch live and online streaming without buffering.

Airtel Speed Test 2G

Still some handful number of people using Airtel 2G internet in Symbian, Java and some low-end smartphones. Airtel 2G internet is good for some basic work like blog reading, mail and online chat etc. But if anyone wondering how to perform a speed test in Airtel 2G internet, then you are at right place. This is the one and only Airtel Speed Test tool for Airtel 2G internet. You can perform speed test on your browser even with very slow 2G internet. This Airtel Speed Test will show you the exact internet speed of your 2G internet connection in any phone. No matter how much slow internet connection you have, you can perform speed test and get the speed test result with all important metrics including public IP address information.

Airtel Speed Test for Broadband

Airtel offers broadband service in different mediums like wireless, coaxial cable, fiber optic etc. Airtel broadband is one of the fastest broadband internet service provider in India. But still you want to check your internet speed then use Airtel Speed Test. It will show you the most accurate maximum download speed and upload speed. This Airtel speed test also shows you the public IP address of your internet connection. If you want to check your public IP address separately there is my public IP checker tool.

Airtel Speed Test for WiFi

Airtel Wi-Fi dongle and routers available in market for public use. Airtel offers its best ever internet speed in Airtel Wi-Fi dongles and routers. These products are very useful for personal use like 4k video streaming, gaming, downloading and uploading. Also Wi-Fi dongles and routers are enough powerful to handle the internet connection for a small and medium size businesses. If you need higher Internet speed than usual with unlimited bandwidth then go for enterprise level fiber optic connection from Airtel. This will be cost effective for enterprise level users.

Airtel Speed Test for Fiber Optic

By using this using this speed test tool you can check your Airtel fibernet speed. You will get a detailed insight of your Airtel fibernet connection with very crucial information of measurements. You can share your Airtel fibernet speed test report with friends and family members by the share link given there after the test completes. If you are using Airtel V-fiber of any category like 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps connection then you can your internet speed here by this most advanced Airtel Speed Test tool. It will show you actually how much speed you are getting from your internet service provider. Whether it is V-fiber or any broadband fiber you can use our Airtel Speed Test tool for realtime Internet speed measurement on any device.

Alternatives to Airtel

Actually no one can beat Airtel when it comes to performance, availability and reliability within an affordable price. But there are some other telco giants in India. So Jio, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL are alternatives of Airtel. But no-one can substitute Airtel's place. Airtel always provides the fastest internet route to its users. But after Airtel Jio is the primary option for internet users.

Airtel Vs Jio

Jio is a tough competitor of Airtel in the field of telecom. Jio changed the world of telecom by launching 4G in India at an affordable price. Currently Airtel have 318 million active users and Jio have 388 million active users in India. Both Airtel and Jio are currently operating in 29 states and 7 union territories.

Technical Information of Airtel

Currently Bharti Airtel operating 2G, 3G and 4G in 5 bands. FD-LTE 850MHz Band 5, E-GSM/ FD-LTE 900 MHz Band 8, GSM/ FD-LTE 1800 MHz Band 3, UMTS/ FD-LTE 2100 MHz Band 1 and TD-LTE 2300 MHz Band 40. Curious readers please keep in mind that higher frequency bands gives slow internet speed. Means when you have connected with any mobile network over wireless interface using the above mentioned bands. Even if you are using strictly 4G LTE setting as your preferred mobile network still these bands are changing continuously to give you proper network coverage. When you are very far from a mobile tower then your Airtel 4G connectivity changes from Band 5 to Band 8 then Band 8 to Band 3 then Band 3 to Band 1 then Band 1 to Band 40. But in some states Airtel not operating one or more above mentioned network bands. So for that case when a user move away from mobile tower it will jump to the High frequency band for better reception. This process works vice-versa when you come closer towards mobile tower. All this process happens automatically without any notification to user. Airtel always keeps good care of its users privacy. Airtel uses latest and hardest encryption standards to encrypt users sensitive information transmission over the air. Security standards are always backward compatible for 2G and 3G connectivity. But Airtel uses very strong encryption standards for 2G and 3G connectivity. So there is no chance of security breaches in Airtel network.

Band specific Airtel Speed Test

If you managed to change the bands according to your requirement. Then you can check the relation between different bands and Internet speed. You will get high-speed internet in low-frequency band and slow internet in High frequency band in comparison to the High frequency band.

Band specific Airtel Speed Test in 3G and 2G

Still there are huge number of 3G and 2G internet users across world. Both 3G and 2G are operating in multiple bands in different states. So internet speed also differs from one city to another on the same carrier. So if you want to check your internet speed in Airtel at any time you can use this Airtel Speed Test tool.

Technical Information of Jio

Jio currently operating only 4G mobile network across India. So it operates 4G network over all bands of TD-LTE and FD-LTE. As before I said that when you are far from the mobile tower, then your smart phone will pick the high frequency band of LTE. But you can choose your mobile network bands manually by modifying some advanced settings. By following this process you can achieve the maximum speed in 4G network.

Airtel Vs BSNL

In comparison of speed, performance, reliability, service assistance and availability of network coverage BSNL is nowhere in front of Airtel. Airtel always take care of its customers concern. Airtel has dedicated core software and hardware troubleshooting team available all over India. Airtel fixes all hardware and software related problems within its infrastructure and customers immediately. On the other side BSNL officials doesn't care about customer's problem. BSNL has no dedicated professional team to fix any critical problem in fixed telephone line or broadband internet. Even if you contact any BSNL employee in your regional office to fix some problem then the fixing process can take up to 2 - 3 months. If you are in a semi-urban area. So no doubt BSNL has the poorest quality of service in telecom. But still people using it by knowing it a state-owned telecom operator.

Availability of Airtel network

People prefer to use Airtel mobile network for its extreme network coverage. Airtel provides its best service in most of the remote rural areas. There is no road to some rural areas but Airtel managed to offer their most advanced LTE coverage on that rural villages. In urban and semi-urban area Airtel provides its enterprise level internet connection for large business organisations. For urban cities Airtel have fiber optic connection plans for personal use.

List of Airtel Services

Bharti Airtel has 3G, 4G dongles, Wi-Fi router, 4G hotspot, Airtel d2h digital TV connection, portable 4G hotspot, Airtel Xstream box, broadband and fiber optic connection in some selected cities.

Technical Information About Airtel Broadband Mobile Network

Airtel is one of the most trusted mobile network. Airtel uses a5/3 encryption standard for it's 2G connectivity and more advanced KASUMI block cipher for 3G connectivity and even more stronger encryption standard for 4G connectivity over the air interface. These encryption standards assure you that your banking transactions over UPI and OTP exchange between banking server is very secure. No-one can intercept your OTP. For individual hobbyist and tech enthusiasts who want to use IoT devices for various purpose like home automation and personal server hosted at home you need port forwarding to receive connection from Internet directly. So here you can use a portable Airtel Hotspot. By using a portable Airtel Hotspot you open ports to your local area network and serve any content and services directly on internet. Means you can create a self hosted server at home for serving website and IoT devices. You can access your port forwarding settings of portable Airtel Hotspot in the default webpage at


Is this speed test shows the accurate internet speed of Airtel?

Yes, this speed test shows the exact maximum download and upload speed for all Airtel internet services.

What is the maximum download speed in Airtel 4G?

Airtel users can achieve 21 Mbps of speed in 4G connectivity. For other type of internet connections from Airtel, you can use our speed test tool.

Can I test my Airtel 3G internet speed here?

Yes, we support the speed test of Airtel 3G internet connection. You can get your 3G Airtel Speed Test results here.

Can I test my Airtel 2G internet speed here?

Yes, by using you can get your 2G Airtel Speed Test result here. This is the one and only speed test platform on internet which support speed test for Airtel 2G connectivity.

Can I test my Airtel 5G internet speed here?

Yes, this is the most advanced Airtel Speed Test platform you have ever seen. By using this Airtel Speed Test tool you can test your Airtel 5G connection speed here within seconds.

How to check internet speed of Airtel optic fiber connection?

This Airtel Speed Test tool also supports the speed test of fiber optic connections. You can measure your internet speed of fiber optic connection by using this advanced tool.

When Airtel 5G will be available for public use?

Still there is no official announcement regarding the launch of Airtel 5G in India or any other country. But still our proven internet speed measurement technology support all the standards of 5G mobile network.