Internet Speed Test on Browser

Internet Speed Test on browser

Internet Speed Test on a Browser

Now it is very easy to check your internet speed using web browser. Simply type NetSpeed.Live on the URL field of any browser. Then you are ready to go for internet speed test. No need to install any plugin and flash player on your device to use this website features. It is made with extreme simplicity for our users. They can easily navigate throgh the website to test internet speed. Also there is result sharing feature available on that page of NetSpeed.Live. You can get your Public IP V4 address and ISP information on that result of speed test. So you don't need to check for IP V4 address manually. As all these tests are performed automatically by NetSpeed.Live.

Which browsers are support these speed test?

All most every browser support this speed test by NetSpeed.Live. All famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, MI Browser and all browsers available for different operating systems also support this NetSpeed Test. Anyone can perform this speed test without any extra plugin or flash player. It can also test your internet speed on a very slow internet connection. One can also test his/ her internet speed on feature phones other than smartphone.

Advantages of Speed Test on Browser

Speed Test on a browser doesn't require any additional software to download and install on your device. Just navigate to our website NetSpeed.Live and start your Internet Speed Test. It requires absolutely zero technical effort to check Internet Speed on any device. Without any additional permission a guest user having browser access can perform this speed test easily. It supports all latest Mac OS devices. Users using apple Iphone or Macbooks can check their Internet Speed using Safari browser. Also they can save and share their Speed test results. All these smart features for Internet Speed Test are available here for free of cost.

Internet Speed Test on Smart TV

Now-a-days smart tvs are available at every house. Because people around the globe like to stay connnected with Internet. Using Smart TV provides a lot more extra advantages over normal LED and LCD TVs. Smart TV can play any TV channel by using Internet connection. Also there is option to play online and offline android games on smart tv. All these full feature packed Smart TV is require Internet connection to play webseries, youtube and browsing. So when anyone needs to check their Internet Speed on Smart TV just navigate towards Chrome Browser or any other inbuilt browser is available in Smart TV. Then just enter NetSpeed.Live in the url field. Now you will get a full diagnostic report of your Internet Connection to Smart TV.

How much maximum speed can I gain in my device?

If you are using a very high speed internet connection more than 100 Mbps. Then your device's network adapter should handle this speed. If your network hardware can't handle the internet speed provided by ISP, simply you can't enjoy the speed given by your ISP. So be sure to check your network adapter capacity while using very high speed internet. You can find network adapter related specification on its manufacturer website or in its manual. For mobile and tablet users can check their connectivity related specification on manufacturer website or in the manual provided in box.

Internet Speed test while using Proxy or VPN

While using any Proxy or VPN normally everyone's internet get slows down. Due to unusual internet routes made over the specified internet routes by ISP. VPN creates a secure tunnel to a server through which you indirectly access to web which makes your internet slow. In result you will get a lower download and upload speed. This happens both in free VPN and Premium VPN softwares. Also proxy slows down the internet speed. So use them carefully at your own risk.