Broadband Internet Speed Test

Broadband Internet Speed Test on a Browser

It's a very good news to all broadband users across globe. Now all broadband user of any Internet Service Provider(ISP) can use NetSpeed.Live to check their accurate internet speed. Broadband users now can check their maximum download speed and upload speed currently offered by ISP with ongoing data plan. There are also some other useful metrics measured by NetSpeed.Live. Which will be helpfull to all internet users. If you are currently using any VPN to connect Internet then you are at right place. NetSpeed.Live can measure your VPN connection speed. So you can check which VPN performs faster in your device.

Advantages of Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet connection mostly prefered for Business purpose in institutions and organizations rather than any cellular connectivity. Broadband internet comes handy for specific purpose of internet connection like static Public IP(IPv4). Also broadband users require a router to connect it to PC or Computer and wireless routers are require to connect mobile devices wirelessly. Computers and any other device capable of wireless connectivity can connect wirelessly through WiFi. Most important thing to keep in mind while using multiple devices on a single broadband that the Public IP(IPv4) will be same for all your device. But there will be different private IP(IPv4). While using any router on a broadband you have the ability to open your local ports to internet. So you can host a website on your computer and it will be available to internet. Some routers have feature to port forwarding in both TCP and UDP protocol. You can open any port according to your requirement. Be sure to use the port forwarding feature wisely otherwise your computer can be compromised by any hacker. But you can achieve higher download speed and upload speed than a cellular connection.

Limitations of Broadband Internet

It is not available to all places due to geographical obstacles on remote areas. Broadband connenction availability completely depends upon the Service Provider. If it is available on your area then you have to first deposit the new connection charge and other required fees including applicable service TAX. A new broadband connection fee differs from state to state and completely depends upon Service Provider. You can't use it while moving to other location. Your devices can be compromised because you have the full control of port forwarding. Any single missconfiguration can lead to problem.

Availability of Broadband Internet

Availability of broadband internet is completely depends upon which you are currently living. There should be some Internet Service Provider which provides broadband service. It's cost also changes from state to state. If you don't know any service provider near you who is providing broadband internet service. Search in Google for nearby Broadband Service Provider. These broadband service providers have different data plans. Pick one data plan matching your requirement. Now you are ready to use Broadband Internet.

Internet Speed on Broadband

Each Internet Service Provider have their own specific data plans for broadband connection. Simply they charge more for more bandwidth. The higher data plan you choose speed will be higher. There are different Internet speed range like 25Mbps, 65Mbps, 125Mbps and more. It all depends on your cost of data plan. Broadband internet is a preferable internet connection over celleular network due to its stable internet speed. Sometimes cellular internet speed fluctuates but broadband has stable connection and a static IP(IPv4). So broadband internet is good for official use and where faster internet connection required more than 25Mbps.

Use of Broadband Internet

Broadband mainly used when higher data transfer rate required. Mostly there is no speed capping on a broadband Internet connection. Also the speed capping or internet speed throttling is completely depends on the service provider. But speed capping in broadband happens exceptionally. Its high speed internet connection is prefered for large file download and upload process. Broadband internet connection is continously works 24*7 hrs which makes it applicable for servers. Because servers never sleep.

Broadband Internet Connection Medium

There are many types of broadband internet transmission method which relays on coaxial cable, land line, twisted pair, optical fiber, radio signal etc. Connection medium completely depends on service provider. More detailed information like how broadband works, history and early stage of broadband can be found on Wikipedia.