Importance of Speed Test for Internet Users

Importance of Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test shows the optimum speed of your connection to a dedicated server which is simply used for speed test. As most of the internet users have seen that their download speed and upload speed are different on different website and platforms. In some website users get miserable download speed even with a 12 Mbps connection. This happens due to the web server's serving capacity and quality. It depends upon many factors like the internet connection, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM of the web server. If the server getting overloaded then you will get a very low download speed and upload speed to that server. So Internet Speed Test on this platform uses specially crafted, dedicated servers which are only used to test internet speed of internet users across globe.

How can I test my internet Speed?

This website provides the most accurate result of Internet Speed Test. You can mark this website as a bookmark in your PC, Mobile and tablet. To test your live internet speed just navigate to NetSpeed: SpeedTest now and click the start button. It will show your Internet download speed along with upload speed and some other useful metrics. Also you can share your speed test result link to anyone personally and on social media. This speed test also shows your Internet Service Provider details. In a single click you can obtain a lot of useful information about your current internet connection.

Availability of Internet Speed Test

This platform actively welcomes all internet users to check their Internet Speed. This service is open for 24*7 all time free of cost. Use this speed test service at any time you need to check your live internet speed. There is no restriction or subscription required to use this premium speed test tool. Sometimes the output result may differ from the speed test result obtained by some other platforms like Ookla,, etc.

Internet Speed Test on different devices

There are lots of different hardware in the world which are using internet connections. Using NetSpeed.Live you can check Internet speed on mobile, desktop, tablet, feature phones, Smart TV, Gaming Console and all type of hardware which can run a browser. There is no additional requirement of any plugin or Flash Player. This speed test only takes 30 to 40 seconds. Then you will get a complete report on your Internet Speed including your public IP address to ISP information and other internet speed related metrics.

How much maximum speed can I gain in my device?

If you are using a very high speed internet connection more than 100 Mbps. Then your device's network adapter should handle this speed. If your network hardware can't handle the internet speed provided by ISP, simply you can't enjoy the speed given by your ISP. So be sure to check your network adapter capacity while using very high speed internet. You can find network adapter related specification on its manufacturer website or in its manual. For mobile and tablet users can check their connectivity related specification on manufacturer website or in the manual provided in box.

Internet Speed test while using Proxy or VPN

While using any Proxy or VPN normally everyone's internet get slows down. Due to unusual internet routes made over the specified internet routes by ISP. VPN creates a secure tunnel to a server through which you indirectly access to web which makes your internet slow. In result you will get a lower download and upload speed. This happens both in free VPN and Premium VPN softwares. Also proxy slows down the internet speed. So use them carefully at your own risk.