Internet Speed Test on Mobile

Internet Speed Test on Mobile

Now-a-days everyone is using a smartphone. There are many ways to check internet speed on a smartphone. Different type of apps available on Play Store to check internet speed. You have to just install one of your choice and you are ready to go. Now you can always monitor your internet speed. The internet speed will always show on the top display. In case you are using WiFi on mobile and want to test your current internet speed. You can try those internet speed testing apps from play store. Some of them will work good and other may not. Because most of the internet speed testing android apps support specific range of android version and other dependecies. These dependecies of apps are varrying time to time. Also you need to update those apps. But if you don't like to download, install and provide permission on your smartphone. Here is the alternative NetSpeed.Live. Just browse NetSpeed.Live on any browser of your choice in smartphone and click the start button. You will get your internet speed test result within 30 seconds. Also you can share this report to anyone.

Mobile Internet Speed Test Platforms

There are many alternative of internet speed test on browser. Some of the most used platforms are, etc. Also lots of Internet Speed testing apps available on Play Store to direct install.

Advantages of Browser based Internet Speed Test

Browser based speed test platforms are easy to use. Anyone having zero knowledge about this platform also can perform internet speed test with a single click. No need of user manual, instructions or prior knowledge of operation. Everything is simple and transparent on this internet speed test. As this speed test doesn't require any special permission on your device. No need to install and keep update any software for internet speed test. Last but not least. For example browser based internet speed test can check the internet speed from any interface. Means if you are connected to WiFi, LAN adapter over OTG, Reverse Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering and all possible ways. Everything is supported on this test. So internet speed test on browser also provides some advantages over other methods of speed test.

Internet Speed Test Apps

There are large number of internet speed test apps on Play Store and App Store. Most of them are freeware. You don't need to pay for them. Here we are highlighting some most used apps with good user ratings. For example NetSpeed Meter, Free Internet Speed Test, Speedtest by Ookla, Speedcheck Internet etc. You can install all these apps on your mobile to test your internet speed. Check which app works great with your device.

Maximum Internet Speed in Moblie (Smartphone)

Most of the Smartphone user doesn't know that every mobile device has two processors. One is the main cpu and another one is baseband processor. The maximum internet speed completely depends upon these two processors. Some highend devices can achieve download speed upto 37Mbps.

Tips to get maximum Internet Speed in Moblie

Now most of the people around world using 3G and 4G internet. But there is also different download speed in 4G network. It happens due to the automatic band selection by the baseband processor in your smartphone. This baseband processor automatically pick the low frequency band for better network coverage in your phone as you move far from the Cellphone tower aka BTS (Base Transciever Station). If somehow you can manage to customize your band selection on mobile device to use the high frequeny range band (band-40). Then you can achieve the highest speed in that mobile network. This is possible in all smartphones, but there is no specific menu for this type of advanced level of network settings. This hidden network menu access varies for different manufacturers. So conclusion is band with higher frequency gives more speed and band with lower frequency gives better coverage. Choose according to your requirement.

Internet Speed test while using Proxy or VPN

While using any Proxy or VPN normally everyone's internet get slows down. Due to unusual internet routes made over the specified internet routes by ISP. VPN creates a secure tunnel to a server through which you indirectly access to web which makes your internet slow. In result you will get a lower download and upload speed. This happens both in free VPN and Premium VPN softwares. Also proxy slows down the internet speed. So use them carefully at your own risk.