BSNL Speed Test

BSNL Speed Test

This is the one and only BSNL Speed Test available on internet. The test result of this online BSNL Speed Test is very accurate. This online speed test tool shows you the accurate download speed and upload speed of BSNL internet connection, whether it is mobile network or optic fibre connection. This BSNL online tool gives you the most important metrics measurement in speed test. All the speed test process can be done with single click. BSNL speed test also shows you the public IP address of your device.

BSNL Speed Test in Mobile

If you are using a BSNL SIM card in your smart phone for call and internet connectivity, then you can check your BSNL Internet speed here on this website. All you have to do is click on the "Start" button. You don't need to worry about the 2G, 3G and 4G standards of BSNL. Our advanced tool for BSNL Speed Test will take care of those various standards. To perform BSNL Speed Test on any smart phone you don't need to install any plugins, add-ons or flash player in your mobile device. Just browse and check your internet speed.

bsnl speed test

BSNL Broadband Speed Test

BSNL broadband users can check their internet speed by using this online tool. Those BSNL customers, who are using landline broadband can also use this online tool to test BSNL broadband internet speed. You can share your speed test report with anyone.

BSNL 3G Speed Test

BSNL SIM card users from any state can test their internet speed on any device by using this online BSNL speed test tool. Check BSNL 3G internet speed at any time by this tool. If you are using BSNL 3G internet for USB tethering, Wi-Fi and hotspot then use this cross platform BSNL Speed Test tool. This BSNL speed test tool works fine on any device and operating system. This BSNL Speed Test tool works great on any android phone, iPhone, tablet, pocket PC, laptop, desktop. Just you need to open any browser on your device and navigate to the URL field of browser, then type Now you are ready to test your internet speed.

BSNL 4G Speed Test

BSNL 4G users across India can test their internet speed with this BSNL speed test tool. You can check your download speed and upload speed of BSNL 4G Internet here. This speed test also shows you the public IP address of your device. Some other important metrics like ping and jitter are covered in this speed test. Speed Test results can be share on Whatsapp, telegram and other social media. So be sure to check your internet speed if you are a BSNL 4G internet user.

BSNL 2G Speed Test

Still there are huge no of BSNL 2G internet users across India. But there was no speed test tool for those BSNL 2G internet users. So we have made this lightweight high accuracy speed test tool for BSNL 2G users. This BSNL speed test online tool works fine on very low-speed. Even if you have an internet speed of 5 Kbps, you can perform this speed test on smart phone, laptop and desktop. Also BSNL 2G data card or dongle or modem users can use this speed test to check their internet speed.

BSNL Speed Comparison to Other Network

Now-a-days most of the people are using 4G internet. All this happened due to groundbreaking launch of Jio 4G in all states of India. After that Jio almost acquired approximately 300 million users in India. After Jio launched its services, Internet service becomes cheaper and faster than ever. But BSNL can't upgrade their services for its existing users. So most of the BSNL users got distracted towards Jio and Airtel 4G. But still BSNL hasn't taken any distinguishable step to increase its own performance. Repeatedly BSNL company getting down by its huge debts and miserable performance in telecom field. So in simple words BSNL comes nowhere in comparison to other Telecom company like Airtel and Jio. We can say that currently Airtel and Jio provides fastest 4G internet at an affordable price. Prepaid and postpaid plans of Airtel, Jio considered as the cheapest Internet plans available on this planet.

Alternatives of BSNL

There are many alternatives of BSNL for different types of services. Here you can read alternatives of all services offered by BSNL.

Alternatives of BSNL Mobile SIM Card

BSNL SIM card users can use Airtel or Jio SIM card for better network coverage and faster internet connection. Although BSNL have launched its 4G connectivity since a long time. But BSNL has a handful number of areas in 4G coverage. Now-a-days no one wants to use slow internet. BSNL has a very bad name for its poor quality of service. So everyone is migrating from BSNL to other service providers.

Alternatives of BSNL Broadband Cable Internet

BSNL broadband is widely used broadband in our country. But now BSNL miserably fails to fulfill user requirements. At the same time other market leaders like Airtel and Jio are dominating BSNL in the field of telecom. Now Airtel's fibernet and V-fiber fiber optic internet connection is very popular. Airtel V-fiber is the fastest internet connection at an affordable price for public use. Another option is Jio's Giga fiber optic fibre connection.

Alternatives of BSNL WiFi, Data Card and Fiber Optic Connection

BSNL offers Wi-max, data card like internet services. But the internet speed offered by these services is very slow and inconsistent. The best alternatives for these BSNL products are JioFi and Airtel Portable hotspot. Jio's JioFi and Airtel Portable hotspots are providing the fastest 4G Internet in India. Here you can test internet speed of these products for real world result. Our online speed test tool supports all these devices. According to last 10000 tests Airtel provides the fastest internet in India. For your interest we have breakdown the most used and popular portable hotspots in India.


Airtel selling its portable hotspots at an affordable price of INR 2000. This portable Airtel hotspot can be connected to 10 device simultaneously. This Airtel portable hotspot provides a download speed up to 15 Mbps. This is a great device for internet connectivity. It can be used for small business entities for internet connectivity purpose.


Jio has launched its portable hotspots in many variants. Mostly all Jio hotspots known as JioFi. Jio launched its JioFi product for those users who can't afford 4G device or want to use Jio 4G with existing 3G smart phone or 4G Internet on laptop or desktop. Jio also offers call facility over its JioFi hotspot. JioFi also includes some advanced features like port forwarding for hobbyists. As JioFi have different models and versions you can check its price on Jio official website.

BSNL Services

BSNL provides a wide variety of services across India. Most of the services are available for public use. These services includes 2G, 3G mobile network, GSM WiFi, fancy numbers, vanity numbers, enterprise level ISDN (PRI/ BRI), leased circuit, VSAT connection, Wi-max, WI-FI, DSL broadband, FFTH broadband, landline telephone, landline broadband and many more. All services list you can get from BSNL official website. There you get all required information and can apply there online for a new connection.

BSNL Products

BSNL has introduced many types of products for public use and enterprise use. First of all it has the largest underground landline cable network across India. This underground landline cable provides call feature along with internet service by using a splitter on the same landline wire. Hardly this connection provides a 25 Mbps internet connection. BSNL has Wi-max, data card, tablet and many more products available also on online.

BSNL Landline

BSNL landline has played a great role in the field of communication in late 90's. When rarely mobile phones used for communication. At that time everyone's trust lies on BSNL landline telephone to connect their beloved ones. As time passes people seek something new handy device for communication. Demand of BSNL landline gradually decreased. Now BSNL landline is rarely used for personal use in a family and mostly for official use. May be people are choosing Mobile network over landline for relatively cheap price and reliability.

BSNL Vs Airtel

Now BSNL and Airtel are no more competitor. Because BSNL is nowhere to compete with Airtel and other mobile network. BSNL uses the most outdated and hardware and software in its network. Cheap infrastructure of BSNL leads to very low quality performance. Compromise in performance creates a downfall in user acquisition.

At the same time Bharti Airtel repeatedly increase its performance and coverage to all possible rural areas. Airtel managed to reduce its recharge plans cost in all over India for both prepaid and postpaid connections. But Airtel wins in this race for its high performance at an affordable price.

Technical Information of BSNL Mobile Network

According to some sources it has been cleared that BSNL uses no encryption in 2G network for over the air communication. That creates a critical security concern of its customers. This can be lead to data theft and critical security breaches into BSNL 2G sim card users. But BSNL 3G and 4G network uses some sort of encryption for over the air communication with Base Transceiver Station (BTS).


Jio doesn't offer 2G and 3G connectivity like BSNL. But it's parent company Reliance Communications offers 2G and 3G connectivity. Jio's only 4G LTE and VoLTE connection makes its network very stable and secure as no downgrade to 3G and 2G. In comparison to BSNL, Jio has more coverage in Urban, Semi-urban and rural areas. Jio 4G internet is also super fast in rural areas. At the same time BSNL can't offer the one-fourth speed of Jio 4G internet in urban and semi-urban areas. So BSNL miserably fails to win its existing customers trust. All types of internet service offered by BSNL previously for public use and enterprise level use gradually getting substituted by Jio services. So now Jio is the market leader in the field of telecom.

Technical Information of BSNL Broadband

BSNL broadband is widely used in our country for internet connectivity. But now all the BSNL broadband users are switching from BSNL to other top Internet service providers like Jio and Airtel. Jio Giga fiber and Airtel V-fiber is a nightmare for BSNL broadband. After launch of these fiber connection by Jio and Airtel most of the BSNL broadband users in urban cities migrating towards Jio and Airtel fiber connection. All this happened due to ease of accessing new fiber connection by market leaders in a single phone call. Whereas BSNL takes months to provide a new broadband connection after a long paperwork. But one advantage of BSNL broadband is that, it is available for rural and semi-urban areas. But it's long paperwork and over priced data plans reducing number of customers. So the best alternatives for BSNL broadband internet in semi-urban and rural areas is portable 4G hotspots made by Airtel and Jio. Because all BSNL broadband internet connection is used for internet connectivity on desktop and laptop. So it's a best option to buy portable 4G hotspot of Airtel or Jio and connect multiple devices over Wi-Fi up to 10 device. No need to buy extra switch, router, lan cable to create a local area network. Just use these portable hotspots for all-purpose internet connection over BSNL broadband for faster internet speed.


How to check internet speed of BSNL in mobile?

All BSNL 2G,3G and 4G Internet users using internet on smartphones or computers can use this online BSNL speed test tool to test their download speed and upload speed with some other important metrics including Public IP, Ping, Jitter etc.

How to check BSNL Broadband Speed in desktop?

BSNL broadband users can use this BSNL Broadband speed test tool by to test BSNL Broadband Speed in desktop.

How to perform a speed test for BSNL internet services?

This is the one and only BSNL Speed Test tool available on internet made by to perform a speed test for all types of BSNL internet services.

What is the best tool for BSNL Speed Test?

BSNL speed test tool by is the best and most accurate speed test tool for BSNL speed test.

What is the best tool for BSNL Broadband Speed Test?

BSNL speed test tool by is the best and most accurate speed test tool for BSNL broadband speed test.

What is the best tool for BSNL Speed Test in smart phone?

BSNL speed test tool by is the best tool for BSNL speed test in smart phone.

What is the maximum download speed of BSNL 3G?

In BSNL 3G you can get hardly 300 - 400 Kbps of download speed and 175 - 250 Kbps of upload speed.

What is the maximum download speed of BSNL 4G?

In BSNL 4G you can get a maximum download speed of 1 - 1.5 Mbps and 200 - 300 Kbps of upload speed. But this figures will be vary for different area.

In which states BSNL serves 4G connectivity?

BSNL serves its 4G Internet Service in all states of India. But only some selected cities of each state. But not available in all cities and regions. Also it is not possible to extend 4G coverage in near future by BSNL.

Can I test my landline broadband internet speed by this BSNL Speed Test?

If you are using a landline broadband connection, which uses a splitter on landline telephone cable to get internet connectivity. Then use our BSNL speed test tool for internet speed test of your landline broadband internet connection. It will show you the maximum download speed and upload speed of your internet connection.

How to check BSNL 2G internet speed?

Use this BSNL speed test tool also known as BSNL broadband speed test. By using this online BSNL speed test tool you can test your BSNL 2G internet download speed and upload speed.

How to check BSNL WiFi internet speed?

BSNL Wi-Fi users can check their internet speed on any device by using this BSNL speed test tool. This speed test works great on any operating system. Also you can use this online BSNL speed test tool to test download speed and upload speed of any Wi-Fi router.