Speedofme aka my internet speed

People search for speedofme in internet to test their internet speed. Now-a-days most of the internet users using a broadband internet connection. That may be a mobile network like Verizon, Airtel, Jio etc. On the other hand Wifi, underground cables, fiber optic etc. These connections are quite expensive. So every internet user is very curious about the actual internet speed. That's why we are here. You can use our service without any cost or limit to test your Internet speed.

Why speedofme?

This speedofme internet speed test doesn't need any additional dependencies to run the test. This speed test tool is written in HTML. So it's very lightweight. You don't need to wait long time for speed test. It's calculation process is very fast and accurate. It includes all international internet speed test metrics. Also output result sharing feature is available. You can share your speed test report directly from this website.


How accurate is speedofme?

The result output of speedofme is very accurate. As we don't use any third-party server for this speed test. All the speed test servers we are using are our very own servers. These speed test servers are very specific towards their primary job. Our speed test servers have 100% uptime. So anyone at anytime can check their accurate internet speed provided by ISP.

Alternatives of speedof.me

There is number of alternative speed test platforms available on internet like fast.com, Ookla etc. Sometimes people not satisfied with the measurements done by speesdofme. So they are looking for other websites like speedofme. But Netspeed.live is the perfect alternative of all internet speed test platform. Netspeed.live includes all the features and essential metrics required for speed test. So this makes Netspeed.live the one stop destination for internet speed test. Here we listed some alternatives with few detailed insight on them.


Fast.com is an internet speed test website. Fast.com is powered by Netflix. This will give an insight of internet speed to all Netflix users. Because Netflix eats very huge amount of data while video streaming. It has tied up with many regional internet service providers to check internet speed. But Fast.com always show higher speed than the real achievable speed. So check your internet speed on netspeed.live before any serious job.


Ookla is a very well known internet speed test organization. It provides speedtest tools for different operating system and platforms. It's speedtest tools also available on Chrome Web Store, Google play store, Apple's App Store etc. It has tied up with many regional internet service provider and data centers in every country to offer good quality service for internet speed test. It is said that Ookla is the best speed test platform across world. But now there are many leading brands in this race to beat Ookla.

Speedof.me Vs Netspeed.live

In comparison to Netspeed.live Speedofme is older. Netspeed.live is new in market. But the technology used behind Netspeed.live is very advanced. Means netspeed.live uses only it's very own dedicated high-end server for speed test. Most important thing is netspeed.live uses cloud servers for this purpose. So the speed test by netspeed.live works fine in every country. On the other hand speedofme uses some old techniques to detect internet speed which gives wrong result. That's why users getting distracted from speedofme. Users want a perfect internet speed test which could give them accurate speed of internet provided by their ISP. So let's take a closer look towards netspeed.live and speedofme.


Speedofme is very well-known for its internet speed test platform. Users across globe use speedofme to test their internet speed every day. It has a very easy to use interface. Anybody can navigate through this website and test internet speed on first attempt. Very useful but provides wrong result output always. With a 4G connection it shows download speed up to 36 Mbps to 40 Mbps. Which is practically not possible. Sometimes speedofme disappoint it's users by its poor measurement.

Speedofme Features

By default speedofme tests for download speed and upload speed for an internet connection.


Netspeed.live is new but highly efficient and accurate in internet speed test. Netspeed also offers some other useful tools like HTML color picker, public IP checker and word counter. All these tools are very useful for a front end web developer.

Netspeed.live Features

Netspeed.live detects your ping timing, jitter timing, download speed, upload speed, service provider and public IP. All these useful details available on one page.

Technical review of Speedof.me

Speedofme shows the download speed and upload speed twice than the actual speed. Hardly detects IP address. No details about internet service provider. Most disgusting thing is the impossible results after speed test. May be some problem due to wrong algorithm being used for speed test. So keep in your mind that you can't achieve that much speed shown by speedofme. Currently the speed test results generated by speedofme shows some unachievable speed with the same existing internet connection.

Technical review of netspeed.live

Netspeed.live shows the real internet speed of your existing internet connection. That means you can achieve this much speed when you are interacting with a good quality server. You can't achieve this speed while using any random server or website. On the same speed test simultaneously you will get details of your Internet Service Provider and Public IP. So it will be quite useful for users.

Quality of speedtest servers used by speedof.me

Speedof.me uses different servers for different countries. Speedof.me managed it's website in such a way, if a user from USA try to test internet speed. It will connect the users speedtest process to its regional server in USA by default. Respectively UK users to regional server inside UK.

Quality of speedtest servers used by netspeed.live

Netspeed.live uses dedicated cloud servers for internet speed test. These servers are active only for speed test purpose. So there is no other computational load on server. That's why netspeed.live has 100% availability in every country. Cloud computing is the heart of netspeed.live which makes it more accurate and efficient.


Before you test your internet speed on any device choose the speed test platform wisely to get the perfect result. There are many speed test websites on internet which will show different internet speed for the same internet connection. So you have to decide which one shows the best result for you.


Why my download speed is not correct in speedof.me?

May be there is some error in it's Internet speed test algorithm. It's better to try the internet speed test on netspeed.live. It will show you the most accurate internet speed of existing internet connection on your device.

Why my upload speed is not correct in speedof.me?

It's very simple. There is some error in speed test algorithm or in the regional server you are currently using for speed test.