Internet Speed Test

Internet speed Test mostly used to test download speed and upload speed of internet connection to a device. There are lots of different Internet Speed Test platforms available on internet. Some apps, plugins, add-ons also available for Internet Speed Test. But the most convenient way of internet speed Test is a browser based speed Test website like netspeed.live. Advantages of speed Test website like netspeed.live is there is no need to download any application, add-ons, plugins, flash player, cross platform support. Just navigate to internet speed Test website netspeed.live and start your speed Test.

Internet Speed Test Result Varies

Internet speed test result completely depends upon the remote server you are interacting for speed test purpose. Your result output will depend upon remote server latency, ping timing, processing power(CPU) and some other factors. It will show your maximum download speed and upload speed. But you can not acquire this much speed while downloading and uploading files on random websites or web servers as shown in the speed test.

Internet Speed Test

Why download and upload speed fluctuates?

If you are using a good stable internet connection and still getting low download speed and upload speed. The problem might be on server side. Remote web server you are interacting may not have sufficient computational power remain or the internet speed in web server is lower than it requires. Because any random website or server's location can be anywhere in the world. Your download speed and upload speed depends on your internet speed, remote web server's internet speed, network distance in hop, remote server's computational power etc.

Why Internet speed fluctuates?

Internet speed is highly unstable on cellular network. Also most of the internet connections over radio signals are vulnerable to geographical and environmental barriers in some cases. Almost more than half of internet users across globe using the radio interface for internet connectivity. Whether it is cellular network or VSAT connection. There are lots of external entities which can affect Internet speed over radio interface. Like satellite internet connections can be temporarily unavailable by clouds on rainy season. Other electronic equipment emitting radio frequencies can create interference or jam radio signals. So there are numbers of factors fluctuates internet speed.

Which connection have best Internet speed?

Internet speed depends on the plan you want to buy from your internet service provider. More internet speed need more money. Internet speed is directly proportional to money. But some countries like India have the fastest internet at cheapest price. Internet is expensive in countries like USA, UK. Currently most cellular operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio offers 4G connectivity. Which is quite fast and affordable for day to day life. Also you can use a single 4G connectivity in your small office having one or two computer. If you can afford more then go for broadband or fiber optic connection provided by local Internet service providers. Broadband connections over coaxial cable or fiber optic cable have different internet speed ranges and this connection is most stable internet connection.

Internet Speed Test using nearest server

Many Internet speed test platform offers internet speed test using their nearest speed test server. Which may be located in the same state or city you are living. These internet speed test platforms have tie up with those local internet service providers. Because you must have heard the local internet service providers name. Definitely you will go for the known service provider name in the server selection list. But this server selection to your nearest internet service provider will not give you the actual internet speed. The result of your internet speed test will be same for all server. So we are here providing the optimum server for internet speed test.

Output of Internet Speed Test

The result of internet speed test using this website is very informative and also contain some sensitive data like your public IPv4. When you start your internet speed test in NetSpeed.Live, it shows the Internet Service Provider(ISP) name, Public IPv4, Ping timing, Jitter timing, Download Speed, Upload Speed and an option to share these output result. All this internet speed test process only takes 30 seconds to perform. There is no need to check your public IP address separately as this test includes this feature already. You can perform this internet speed test on any linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Arch linux(GUI), Manjaro Linux, Elementry OS. If you are not interested in command line interaction to test your public IP of linux Desktop OS then use NetSpeed.Live for internet speed test.

Internet Speed Test with very slow Internet connection

NetSpeed.Live is the fastest performing internet speed test website available in internet. We have made it lightest as much as possible. NetSpeed.Live is so much lightweight website even you can access it and perform internet speed test with a internet speed of 5Kbps. Yes this website is accessible with very low internet speed and you can perform your internet speed test. NetSpeed will never disappoint you. You don't even need to load the page for speed test with a internet speed of less than 5Kbps. NetSpeed.Live will load the page immediately and you can perform internet speed test without experiencing any lag in website loading and result output within 30 seconds.

Accuracy in Internet Speed Test

Internet speed test result of NetSpeed.Live is very accurate. But the download speed and upload speed shown in the result may not match with your real download speed and upload speed. Because in real world you are performing download and upload on random websites or web servers. So let me explain why this internet speed test result doesn't match your real download or upload speed in any browser or downloader, whether it is IDM in windows or wget in Linux. It doesn't matter which downloader application or browser you are using. Your download speed and upload speed is completely depends upon the remote server which is hosted at any corner of world or in the same country you are living or in the same state you are living. If that remote server can't process so much request at same time for thousands of users then you will be get the response slowly which causes slow download speed. If the remote server using a 65Mbps connection and you are using a 100Mbps connection then you will not get 100Mbps or 90Mbps or 80 Mbps. You will get a download speed of less than 50Mbps for that particular server or website. So it is important that how much efficient processing power and internet connection have on your remote server or the website you are using to download and upload your files.

Units used in Internet Speed Test

Unit of Internet speed is bit per second. Some internet speed test applications also measure in byte per second. So what is the difference between bit and byte in data transfer? Simply one byte is equal to 8 bit. Calculation of internet speed test in bit per second is easy to understand. According to predefined calculation 1Kbps is equal to 1000 bits per second and 1Mbps is equal to 1000Kbps. In NetSpeed.Live we measure internet speed in Mbps. But if you have a internet connection of 2 Gbps or above than this, also you can test your internet speed on NetSpeed.Live without any additional modification. This is the obvious reason that makes NetSpeed.Live unique in Internet Speed Test.


How does an internet speed test work?

When you start to test your internet speed in internet speed test website. The internet speed test website sends a genuine payload and your browser start to download it. But you can't see it in your downloads tab. Because it is a specially crafted payload which only detects download and upload speed and some other necessary metrics in internet speed test. The simple way to belive this you can check all internet speed test website or application or any software which gives you internet speed test service. First shows download speed and then upload speed. First it downloads the payload from remote server and then upload it to remote server.

Why is my internet so slow but speed test is fast?

Probably you are using any website or application for internet speed test which is not working properly. Please try to test your internet speed in NetSpeed.Live or any other top rated application available on Google. Also you can give it a try to the Internet speed test provided by Google and powered by M-Lab. Then you can compare the result with NetSpeed.Live internet speed test result. You will get the accurate Internet speed.

Why are internet speed test results different?

Internet speed test results differs unexpectedly from one test to another test. Because some internet speed test website offers different servers from your local city within the state to attract the visitor by showing the local Internet Service Provider name. That is good but. But those local internet service providers from your own state have not any fully dedicated web server to test the internet speed. Means that same server also being used for other stuff. This is the main reason behind unexpected fluctuation in internet speed test result even if you are using a good and stable internet connection.

How to create internet speed test website?

You need a high performance dedicated server with extreme internet connection and some coding knowledge.