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Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp group is a group of people over Whatsapp network. Anyone can create a Whatsapp Group and add individuals by their contact number or invite them via Whatsapp group Join link. It depends upon the group admin. He/ she can add members from saved contacts or share invite link in direct Whatsapp message.

Features of Whatsapp Group

In a Whatsapp Group if you send a message, it will immediately appear to all of its members. This way you can send a message to all group members in one click. Whatsapp group is a good place to share video, audio, documents and urls. In Whatsapp Group you can share all type of urls like YouTube links, website links in one click to many members.

whatsapp group join link

Uses of Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp groups are not limited to any group or personal use. Anyone can create one or more Whatsapp Group with saved contacts on phone. Then he/ she can share the group link to the interested one. Different people use Whatsapp Group for different purposes. Some creates Whatsapp Group for advertisement, personal, professional and official use. Now-a-days Whatsapp group is the most secured medium of communication. That's why billions of whatsapp groups running world-wide for different purposes. In this page we have a huge list of whatsapp group for different categories. You can choose the WhatsApp group as per your requirement.

Types of Whatsapp Group

Here we have listed thousands of active groups under multiple category. Here you can find all type of public Whatsapp groups. Mostly used Whatsapp groups include Job, news, fun, game, website developer, app developer, PUBG, online course, movie, digital marketing, business, advertisement, finance, promotion, sales, ludo, sayari, state groups, indian whatsapp group, usa whatsapp group, Dubai whatsapp group, Dubai job Whatsapp Group, entertainment, sports, tiktok, money earning whatsapp group, latest offer whatsapp group, motivational whatsapp group, technology whatsapp group, ethical hacking whatsapp group, girls whatsapp group and adult whatsapp groups.

Advantages of a Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp group is very useful for day-to-day life. It is used by students, teachers, professionals, employees, colleagues, family members, relatives, communities, developers, researchers and by senior citizens for important information sharing. Now-a-days millions of whatsapp group is being used for digital marketing and news agencies. In a Whatsapp group there is the same type of people. For example there is a job notification providing group. By joining this group you can get job related latest updates from group members or from WhatsApp group admin.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Group

If you have joined a whatsapp group which is unnecessary for you and spam messages are sending by other members continuously then you'll get those spam messages on your phone. There is no filter for spam messages. You have to manually maintain your whatsapp account.

Limitations of a Whatsapp Group

There is a limitation for all Whatsapp Group. The maximum number of members in a Whatsapp Group is 257 including the group admin. Means if you create a group and share the invite link to your friends and here on this website, then maximum number of 256 members can join your group via shared link. After that if anyone clicks on that group, then it will show group is full of members. If this happens in your case then jump to the next whatsapp group link on the same category.

Difference between a Whatsapp Group and Telegram Group

Both the whatsapp group and telegram group are feature rich. But a telegram group have more features than a whatsapp group. In a telegram group 200000 members can join. In a telegram group all members can see how many group members are online.

Whatsapp Group Vs Telegram Group

Whatsapp group and Telegram group both are working in the same way. Operation of whatsapp group and telegram group are very similar. But there is a huge difference in the number of members can join between Whatsapp Group and Telegram Group.

Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp group doesn't show the number of online members explicitly on the top bar. Also whatsapp group has a limitation of 257 members. Still whatsapp is more popular than telegram. Anyone has a smart phone also have whatsapp. So obviously whatsapp groups are more popular than telegram groups.

Technical Information of Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. Facebook and Whatsapp both are using very high level security standards. Whatsapp uses 256 bit AES encryption. All messages transferred between individuals and within a group is end to end encrypted. There is no type of security breaches in Whatsapp and Whatsapp Group.

What not to do in a Whatsapp Group?

Never abuse any person on any group. Don't harass anyone and never hurt anyone's religious sentiments. Don't spread any fake news.

Telegram Group

In a telegram group 200000 members can join. All members including group admin can see the number of group members and online members number explicitly on the top bar of telegram group. Telegram groups are also more convenient than Whatsapp Group due to highly secured end to end encryption. Also there is a secret chat option available on telegram which makes it more secure.

How to create a Whatsapp Group?

Create a Whatsapp Account

To create a Whatsapp Group you must have a whatsapp account. If you have already a whatsapp account then its fine else you have to create a new one. If you haven't any whatsapp account then download the whatsapp app from Play Store for android devices and from App Store for iPhone users. After installation verify your mobile number on the whatsapp app. Now you are ready to set your name, photo, about on whatsapp account.

Create a Whatsapp Group

Now you can start the process of new Whatsapp Group creation in your phone and possible on desktop. So on the Chats tab of your whatsapp app there is a three dot sign at the top right corner. click on that and choose the option "New Group" from the drop down menu.

Add Members to Whatsapp Group

Then you have to add at least one member other than you from your contact list. Otherwise you can't proceed to create new group without adding any member at first. So add at least one member from your contact then press the "Right Arrow" button.

Give a Name to Whatsapp Group

Now give a name to your newly created whatsapp group and add a profile picture for that group. Now click on the "tick" mark and you have created a new whatsapp group successfully.

Give a Description to Whatsapp Group

Click on the newly created group to customize the description of group and other permission in group. Customize it as per your requirement.

Finale Step to Create Whatsapp Group

Now you are ready to go. Click on the newly created whatsapp group for group info then copy the invite link and share it to anyone.

How to invite friends to whatsapp group?

If you want to invite anyone to your whatsapp group, that you have created. First open whatsapp then tap on the whatsapp group you want to invite your friends.

How to share Whatsapp Group link?

If you are the admin of any group then you can retrieve the group link from that group directly. Then share the group link to anyone by sms, mail etc.

How to join a Whatsapp Group?

If you want to join a whatsapp group then you must have the group invite link. Otherwise you can ask the group admin to add you to his group manually by saving your number in his contact list.

How to exit from a Whatsapp Group?

When you are in a Whatsapp Group and you want to exit from that group then tap on the top bar of that group to get the group info. Then scroll down to the bottom of the whatsapp group info tab. Here you will find an Exit button. Press that exit button to exit from that whatsapp group.


Where can I find Whatsapp Group join link?

This is the best place to find out all active whatsapp groups in India. Here you can find all type of whatsapp group link to join and share.

Can I list my Whatsapp Group join link here?

Yes, here you can list your whatsapp group link for interested ones. To list your whatsapp group link on this page contact us at chandrakantdehury3@gmail.com.

Are all the above Whatsapp groups are genuine?

Yes, all the above Whatsapp Group Links are checked throughly. Here all Whatsapp Group links are active but we can't give you guarantee that all Whatsapp Group have space to add you. If this happens then try the next whatsapp group link.

How many types of Whatsapp Groups join links available here?

Here we have listed 23 types of whatsapp groups for different categories. A total number of 8000 active whatsapp group.

How to join the whatsapp group which is full of members?

If a whatsapp group is full of members then it's not possible to join in that group. You have to wait for anyone who will exit from that group then join.