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It's a word Counter

This word counter counts words in a paragraph, page, sentence or whatever you will paste on that counter box. When you paste a paragraph or the texts from a webpage it will count all the words, characters, characters with space and characters without space.

How this word Counter works?

This word counter counts all the characters separated through a space as a word. Whether the word has any meaning or not, it doesn't check. It only counts words doesn't check for any grammatical mistakes. It's main use is to count the words in a text document or a webpage or from anywhere you can copy and paste here on this word counter.

Usage of a word counter

This word counter is very simple and straight forward. It's word count is 100% accurate. The most interesting thing is that there is no limit on the number of words you can count at once. Means if you have a blog and you wrote an article of length more than 3000 words. If you want to calculate the actual number of words in that article or blog, then select the texts and copy from your page. Then paste it into our word counter online tool. It will show the exact number of words in that article, you have written earlier. Like that if you want to calculate all the words in a webpage, text document or any document, just press Ctrl+A to select all text and press Ctrl+C to copy and paste them into this word counter by pressing Ctrl+V. Now you have done the job. No need to press any button more. You have the finale results on your screen.

Accuracy of this word Counter

You don't need to worry about the accuracy of this word counter online tool. It counts words paragraphs, characters, characters with space perfectly. It doesn't count a number as a word. It automatically detects emoji and ASCII characters. So this makes it most accurate word counter online tool in internet.

Importance of a word Counter

When you're writing a blog or article, you need to take care of the word count. More words increase the read time of your blog. An article written with more words gives a proper clarification on the topic. It let the visitors to understand thoroughly. In resultant it increases your user retention. Word counts above than 1500 words to 2000 words makes a healthy blog. It helps a blogger to describe his/ her topic in a detailed view. As I said before that this word counter also counts paragraphs. So this tool also helps to count the number of paragraphs in a blog or text document.

How word count affects SEO?

Actually a blog's quality depends upon how rich it's words are and how much informative. So more word means more detailed elaboration of topic. Sometimes different examples and related topics on a main topic gives a vast idea to users. This will make your blog more attractive towards visitors. One most important factor to be take care while writing a blog is code to text ratio on that webpage. That code includes html, css and JavaScript. On the other hand text includes all user readable texts on a browser.

Other uses of this word counter

The main feature of this word counter is it counts the words in all paragraph that you have paste on the site. It also counts paragraph, characters, characters with space and characters without space. But in case you want to test your typing speed also you can test your typing skill here.

What should be the word count in a webpage?

Only focusing on word count is not a good idea for a blogger. So why the word count is important? Actually a blogger needs more enough words to describe his/ her thoughts, opinions and experience on a topic. So a blogger needs more and more user understandable simple words. Also a different paragraph requires for each unique point of a topic. So a blogger should keep an eye on the word count and paragraph count to make the blog more informative towards their visitors.

Should I use word counter online tool to count words?

You can use it anytime as many time you want. It will help you to count words, letters, paragraphs. You can use it while essay writing or writing an article for a blog. It will show you the right number of word count in your subject. If you are writing an essay, it is very important to know how much words you written for that topic. It shows the potential of your knowledge on that topic. Also more words and paragraphs on a specific topic gives a detailed insight. So more words are very important to express your knowledge, experience and opinion. To count words our tool is also very important and efficient.

Is it possible to count characters in a document using word counter?

You can count all words and paragraphs within any document. If you also want to keep count of characters or letters, it's possible through this tool. It will count all characters with and without space. You just need to copy your text from text editor or browser and paste it on the word counter here. It supports text input of all types of text encoding. So it supports all language and fonts.

How this word counter counts?

This word counter works on our custom java script codes. Which is 100% accurate on counting words, characters and paragraphs. On the front end of this word counter, we made a very simple and responsive user interface for our users seamless operation of this word counter. Now from which you are reading all this stuff and counting words is our front end of word counting script. This word counter is very efficient and cross platform. It works on every available operating systems in market. You can use it on any mobile device, desktop PCs, laptops, tablet, smartphone, smart TV.

What we count?

Here we count characters, words, paragraphs and characters with space. Also there is no limit on this word counter that you need to enter only 1000 words or 3000 words at once. Because sometimes it creates the problem for a writer. So we made this to overcome that obstacle. So let me explain you, what is a word, paragraph and characters.


A meaningful combination of characters in any language written without using space between the characters is count as a word by this tool.


A meaningful combination of words makes a sentence. But a paragraph consists of one or more sentences. So here we count paragraphs specially written in any text editor or webpage. This paragraphs are separated from each other by empty lines made by pressing enter. In a webpage the paragraphs are included inside a paragraph tag like below example.


Characters are counted by this tool are may be numbers, letters, special characters, ASCII characters and any symbols from any language. So each letter and symbols are counted as a character by this tool.

Why should you use this word counter?

This word counter's working process and uses are very simple and straight forward. Use this online tool to count words or characters in any text document. Also you can use this tool to count words on your blog post. This word counter let you know how much text rich is your article. So this tool simply let you know the number of words, paragraphs and characters.

We take care of your privacy while using word counter.

Don't worry about your privacy while using our any service. We are very careful for our users sensitive information. We are not storing any information of our users entered on the word counter. It only counts the words. All this process takes place on a secure protocol, so you don't worry about your privacy. We are here to take care of that.


Is this word counter counts meaningless words as a word?

Yes, it counts a meaningless word as a word. Actually it counts all characters separated by a space as a word.

How to count words in a page?

Counting all words in a webpage or text document became very easy by this word counter online tool.

Does my text input in word counter getting saved automatically?

No, we are not saving any of your information. Whether it is sensitive or not. When you type any word on the word counter or paste some text, it only counts. Nothing more than that.

Is there any potential risk of intellectual data theft?

As we said before, we don't collect any type of data entered by the users. For more detailed information you can read our privacy policy page.


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